Change in 2014

Change Vista’s perspective on business change management needs and approaches for 2014 and beyond:

In order to survive in a world of ever-increasing diversity and challenge, organisations and businesses must equip themselves with the knowledge and tools necessary to adapt and  succeed. Emerging across the globe, increasing innovation and creativity is leading to the development of many new products, markets and ways of working and it is clear that today’s successful organisations are those that are able to respond to the challenges and opportunities in an effective and timely manner.  

Organisations that can change are in a position to exploit opportunity and remain strong when faced with unwanted pressures for change. Those organisations that are unable to adapt face increased competition, reduced market share and, ultimately, reduced profit and/or shareholder value.

It is Change Vista’s opinion that the optimum aspiration for businesses in 2014 is to establish and maintain a permanent portfolio of change programmes and projects prioritised and managed to deliver the greatest value and business benefit in line with the agreed strategic business objectives. A well conceived and managed portfolio puts businesses in control of their investment in change and their continued operational performance.

Change Vista operates from the standpoint that:

‘the ability to change has become more important than the changes themselves’

However this increasing need for change is emerging against a backdrop of change failure where it is widely accepted that c70% of organizational change initiatives either fail completely or fail to deliver the expected benefits. With the rate of change set to increase further there is an increasing pressure on organisations, whatever their size or sector, to develop and establish their own Change Management strategy and capability.

Although Change Vista is a strong advocate for organisations to establish and evolve their own organizational change management capability; there are many tried and tested ways of assessing and addressing the need for change with the appropriate solution very much dependent on the volatility of the sector involved. Refer to paper………………………..

The Change Vista approach is to engage in a tailored ‘knowledge and skills transfer’ process with the ultimate goal of client self-sufficiency; that is we work with organisations to enable them to accommodate and manage change for themselves.

With the minimum of outside support these organisations are ultimately able to respond optimally to emergent change drivers.

Change Vista recognizes that taking on the challenge of change successfully, whilst continuing to ‘run the business’, can be a daunting prospect. Whether it is a move to a new business premises, the introduction of new tools or a major organizational transformation initiative, Change Vista’s aim is to help you succeed and achieve your goals.

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